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MNA works behind the scenes in ensuring our clients are among South Africa’s best known and most highly regarded brands.

Our impressive client portfolio affirms MNA’s reputation as a professional, focused organisation with clear goals and the vision to achieve them:

A leading South African hospital group;

The largest emergency medical services company in the country;

The foremost countrywide healthcare provider network;

The most prestigious real estate company in South Africa;

The largest closed medical scheme, which is hard at work piloting National Health Insurance (NHI) for South Africa;

A new-age managed care company delivering tangible savings and improved healthcare outcomes;

The fastest growing, most dynamic healthcare administrator in the country; and

A 122-year-old compensation partner to mining and related industries.

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This is just a taste of what we’re up to while working at the forefront of business-to-business, consumer, financial services, healthcare, property, professional services, non-profit and environmental sector communications.

MNA provides a bespoke, end-to-end integrated communications management service, including:

Traditional and new media services

A fully-fledged digital media division

Conceptualisation and production of radio and print advertising

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We pride ourselves on our robust understanding of the cultural complexities of the South African social context.

The agency is known for its focused, experienced and independently-minded group of professionals, well versed on the issues of the day.

Our expertise not only takes your brand forward in meaningful ways, our knowledge and understanding assist to pre-empt negative publicity, fend off attacks on your company’s reputation and turn publicity nightmares into opportunities for growth.

We further provide insightful direction in the denotative and connotative aspects of key African languages, including South African English, across a wide spectrum of audiences.

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Pioneers in the field of educational health material production, research and targeted dissemination.

From traversing tricky territory in generating a publicity campaign for a renowned sexologist, to being instrumental in the awareness campaign surrounding South Africa’s introduction of the HPV-vaccine within schools, MNA presents the information you need to convey in a manner that will be well-received and understood by the relevant target audiences.

We were also there to help bring the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa to life, in collaboration with South Africa’s dermatologists. This initiative has been instrumental in raising awareness of the risk factors surrounding skin cancers and melanomas.

MNA has helped to bring hope to the families of premature babies through sharing the inspirational journey of a resourceful neonatologist, who has saved countless lives, including that of a baby so vulnerable that she spent her first days in a plastic sandwich bag to protect her underdeveloped skin.


We have documented numerous healthcare innovations including groundbreaking robotic surgery and 3-D video used to perform intricate procedures that were previously unheard of in South Africa.

MNA looks at the big picture without compromising on the small, seemingly insignificant details, as is evidenced in our work about intricate heart surgery on newborn babies and the first implantation of an artificial heart in a child on the African continent.

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Trailblazers in brand, reputation,

and trust management. 6

We are true to our company pay-off line “Changing Perceptions”, which was first coined 24 years ago when MNA was founded. In the years since, our focus has never wavered, neither has our commitment to our ever-growing portfolio of premier clients.

At MNA we are accustomed to protecting sensitive information. Our clients rely on us for our discretion as much as for the positive publicity we bring them.

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Masters of the written word.

Under the stewardship of founder, Martina Nicholson, the writing skills of the company have been well established as being among the best in the industry.

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Seasoned crisis management advisors. +

From bringing back South Africans from Phuket in the wake of the Tsunami, to managing the potential fall-out from epidemics like bird-flu, swine-flu and Ebola, to being there for the Jane Goodall Foundation (Chimp Eden) in their darkest hour.

Our seasoned crisis management advisors have been involved in a wide variety of such projects.


The role of MNA in the marketing mix.

MNA follows an integrated approach to communications, and is comfortable working closely with other players in the communications mix, including advertising agencies, marketers and designers.

The company has vast experience with such integrated communications teams, and over the years has worked with the communications divisions and advertising agencies of the clients represented by MNA. We firmly believe that the advertising and branding rand of our clients can be stretched considerably through joint advertising and public relations efforts.

An integrated approach is central to MNA’s strategic communications planning at all times. Where an internal communications department is not already in existence, our role can be extended to fulfill this vital function.

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An award winning PR firm. 4

MNA has received recognition in the form of a number of awards for creative excellence on behalf of clients, the most prestigious being the World Wildlife Fund’s inaugural Environmental Reporting Award secured on behalf of industrial group HL&H in 1994.

MNA also received a special award for Crisis Management from the Public Relations Institute of South Africa (PRISA) for its ‘Buyisa Ekhaya – Bring our People Home’ Tsunami Rescue Mission, a PR project handled on behalf of Netcare 911.

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MNA PR, a company with flair, verve and a rare combination of skills and expertise, is an industry leader in crisis communication. MNA PR continues to push the boundaries in terms of what public relations can do on the traditional and digital front.

MNA was founded in October 1992 by Martina Nicholson, a public relations practitioner with APR status and a fellowship, which was awarded to her by the Public Relations Institute of South Africa (PRISA) reflecting her contribution to the industry. MNA has been providing public relations services to an ever-expanding range of clients for close on a quarter of a century.